• You can cancel or downgrade your order anytime. (within maximum 7 days from date of purchase)
• We render 100% money back guarantee If you are dissatisfied with our maintenance service for any reason and you will cancel your request anytime before its activation or maximum 7 days whichever is earlier, you will get a full refunds. 100% money back guarantee applies to all of our users.

• Refund will be initiated for the rest of the remaining periods. (if partial refund provided)
• Contact 1-800-261-7113 for any further assistance regarding refund or return.

• Request Refunds
You can request a refund by providing the following:
1. Name and e-mail address under which the purchase was made.
2. Order-confirmation number as shown on your confirmation e-mail.
The last update to OUR Refund Policy was posted on August 20, 2018.